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VAT Advice

Thorough VAT advice and VAT planning work wonders for your business. VAT advice by Vatsquare assures you of quick and complete answers to any specific VAT question, however complex it may be. Read more

VAT remediation

Vatsquare develops customized VAT solutions and is at your side during VAT checks and disputes with the VAT administration. From ruling requests and appeals to negotiations with tax services, our knowhow and experience make all the difference. Read more

VAT compliance

Do you want complete certainty regarding VAT legislation as a foreign company, or do you wish to register your VAT correctly in a European country? Rely on us and our extensive network. Read more

VAT subscription formula

You want your VAT questions answered quickly, concretely, and correctly. You want to be able to reach your experienced VAT consultant and VAT expert at any time. And of course, this should come without any financial surprises and at a profitable rate as well. Read more

“Vatsquare advises a wide range of companies, public services, and organizations. We provide support ranging from VAT advice for social organizations to VAT planning for SMEs and VAT compliance for Fortune 500 companies. Our specialization is our strength. We operate independently, thoroughly, and professionally.”


VAT hotline and VAT helpdesk: The profitable choice

Do you need a quick and reliable answer to a VAT question? With atsquare’s subscription formula, you can access our user-friendly VAT portal. Ask us anything and get your answer within 2 to 3 working days. Ours is the easiest VAT helpdesk that is accessible at a fixed cost.