Vatsquare delivers a full service in VAT advice for national and international companies, governments, and non-profit organizations.

With our VAT advice, you possess all the tools for a flawless follow-up of your VAT. You can detect possible challenges before they present themselves and are assured of full conformity with all legislations, however complex the matter.

Advice for any VAT question

VAT advice and VAT planning are broad concepts. Thanks to the efficient specialization of our VAT consultants, our service covers the complete bandwidth of VAT legislation. We can help you with:

  • Analysing the VAT aspects of complex supply chain structures
  • VAT inspections
  • Answering complex and specific VAT questions
  • Writing VAT advice
  • VAT advice regarding e-commerce activity

The ever-evolving VAT legislation can demand far-reaching measures for your organization or company. We assist you in implementing our advice, without losing track of IT and organizational challenges.

Proactive consultation with VAT administration and ruling requests

Do you require a written agreement from the tax services? Our VAT specialist will deliver:

  • VAT rulings from the ruling commission
  • The request for written agreements from the local VAT inspection or the main VAT administration

VAT advice for public and non-profit sectors

Our specific VAT service for public and non-profit organizations is highly valued in the sector. Our professionals support countless organizations, cities, and municipalities in complying with the VAT legislation. The assessment of specific structures, such as PPS, for their VAT implications is one of our specialties as well.

Do you want to stay on top of the newest VAT developments in government and non-profit organizations? Try our VAT workshops and VAT trainings. Contact us for more information.

VAT training for internal employees

Want to get your accounting branch up to speed with the latest in VAT legislation? Or is your company expanding its activities and do you need to update your staff on VAT matters?

Vatsquare organizes VAT workshops and VAT trainings that meet your specific requirements so that your employees are fully set to carry out their job.

Contact Vatsquare today for customized VAT advice for your company, government branch, or social organization.

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