You want your VAT questions answered quickly, concretely, and correctly. You want to be able to reach your experienced VAT consultant and VAT expert at any time. And of course, this should come without any financial surprises and at a profitable rate as well.

The Vatsquare subscription formula is what you’re looking for.

VAT Advice subscription: Profitable certainty

With a Vatsquare subscription, you can enjoy several benefits at a fixed price per year:

  • A quick and professional helpdesk
  • Easy-to-use online portal
  • Yearly face-to-face meeting with two VAT specialists
  • A profitable hourly rate for additional services

Subscription VAT advice: How does it work?

With Vatsquare’s VAT advice subscription at, you can ask our VAT advisors any imaginable VAT-related question—that too without any limits.

  • Login to the online Vatsquare portal
  • Ask your question in the online environment
  • Receive an answer: Our specialists will phone you within 2 to 3 working days

Apart from that, you can ask us your elaborate VAT questions—such as on VAT strategies—during a yearly face-to-face meeting with two of our top specialists. They will address more complex matters, so that your company or organization gets the knowhow it requires.

How much does a VAT subscription cost?

Starting at an annual cost of 2,500 euros (VAT excl.), you can ask our VAT consultants anything for one year.

Do we need to follow-up on things that are not included in the subscription, such as written advice, VAT inspection support, or rulings? You can enjoy an advantageous hourly rate of 165 euros.

Interested in worry-free VAT advice at any given time?
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